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I am Christine Golden, a frontend and WordPress website developer, a local business SEO consultant and a writer.

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I've always been interested in making sure my small business clients get a good return on their website investment. That means building SEO features into the code, educating new website owners in the basics of SEO, and measuring progress with Google Analytics.

Encouraging new website owners to appreciate their analytics requires the creation of more human-friendly reporting. I had a reporting system... but with the upcoming conversion of the old Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 (GA4), I, like every SEO and Analytics professional out there, needed to change my ways.

It's early days for GA4. Tutorials and courses are in short supply–and tend to be geared towards Google Analytics 'power-users.' So, GA4 users must rely on the Google support documents and community–a daunting task!

That's why I am refining, organizing and publishing my research into this GA4 Recipes book. Hopefully, it will help you make better business decisions and reach the next step in your success!

You can learn more about my experience and recent projects at CLGolden Website Services,


GA4 Recipes: Make Custom Reports in Google Analytics 4

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